Veto the 'Squito,
Fight The Bite
is an international commitment
to provide treated mesh tents
to everyone who needs them.
is the number 1 killer
of pregnant women and small children.
Mosquitoes transfer malaria.
Click on the thumbnails
to fully enjoy each bottlecap.
Can you find:
a horse
Scarlett Johannson
Angelina Jolie...twice!
a duckling
a watermelon
painted toenails
a mountain climber
a former President of the USA
extra bonus: A grim reaper!
Please note:
Some of the examples shown
are already sold!
I present them here
for you to enjoy.
Check my etsy shop for availability,
or just e-mail me!
Bodacious Bottlecaps

Welcome to my world...
I have a passion for recycling.
I love anything paper.
I've been told I have a quirky sense of humor!
Combine them all and you get:
Bodacious Bottlecaps!

My kitschy and beautiful bottlecaps are all recycled.
Some, from bottling company overruns.
Some from the curbside, some from friends.

All the paper for quotes and pictures
recycled from junk mail.
You know, that irritating flyer on your door,
the catalog for women's petite clothing (Hah!),
the trash I see blowing down the street.

I finish my creations with a very sturdy magnet
(really, really sturdy)
bits of flotsam, lace, beads, glitter, etc
and a final coat of weather resistent very shiny sealant.
(I would not suggest swimming with these bottlecaps.)

Enjoy, Laugh, and go Huh?
My Bodacious Bottlecaps are ever changing.
I will be posting new ones as I have finished and photographed them.
Some of the bottlecaps you see on this page have been sold.
These are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated
(unless I get th exact same pieces of junk mail - not likely).
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