Rockin' Art
Welcome to my Rockin' Art Page!!

Here you will find enchanted rock cottages,
fanciful rock homes of all sizes, shapes and colors,
and even
little rock people to inhabit your garden,
indoors or outdoors.

I am continually adding to my Rock Village selections,
so check back frequently to see what's new!
 Custom painted Rock Homes to your specs.
What a great gift!
Full size homes run between $18 - $60 depending on the
complexity and size of the design.
Gnomes, elves and other garden folk run between $5 - $9,
depending on size and complexity.

Ask me about combination, multiple discounts!
Currently all my Rock Homes are SOLD,
except the Southern Plantation Mansion.
I will be adding new cottages coming soon!

The back view of four adorable
gnomes: RolyPoly, Grandma,
Grandpa and Sissy.
$7.50 each
An enchanted tableau of two homes and
some gnomes to live in your garden.
Pink Cottage -
A back and side view of the Southern
Farm House.  Note the upper dormer
window, and the sides of Uncle Bo
and Sissy.
A side view of the Farm House.
Charming stone chimney!
southern farm house: $26
My charming little Rock Gnomes are still available:

Sissy, Uncle Bo, Grandma, RolyPoly, Aunt Bee and Grandpa
Six little gnomes,
waiting for a new garden home.
These look friendly in house plants
as well as in your
gnome village garden outside.
PayPal is here!
A tiny thatched roof cottage with glowing lights showing from within.