Treasure Books
The Mystery Treasure Book

Welcome to my Fantasy Treasure Books.
On these pages you will find unique, one of a kind,
cannot be reproduced or duplicated books.
Only there's a fabulous
treasure with each of these books.
They are actually boxes.
Treasure boxes!

Each Book Box is covered with recycled paper art.  
98% of this is
one of a kind and found in the recycle bins.  
These are not reproductions that I can just download
and print anytime.They have been hand picked and
cut from recycled magazines, papers, gift wrap,
greeting cards, used stickers and more.
Many of the
items used to decorate these Treasure Book Boxes
are also from the recycle bins, garage sales, and
scavenging odd corners that I seek out.
Many, many, many hours are poured into each Treasure Box.
May you enjoy my treasure hunting efforts!
Each unique Book Box is individually priced.  
Please contact Inkspired with any questions.
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The Glitter Fairy Book Box

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The Mystery Book Box
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