About Inkspired
"If you believe everything you read,
better not read."

---Japanese proverb
"Come along inside...
We'll see if tea and buns can make
the world a better place."
- Wind In the Willows
by Kenneth Grahame
Over the years Inkspired has learned many different kinds of creative
expression from her mother, father, sister and grandmother.  There have been
numerous people throughout her life encouraging her, teaching her, and
providing her with new materials and techniques to spark her creativity. Too
many to name!
That spark has waned, flickered, grown to a fire, and been strong and steady
over the years.  She says "I am so eternally grateful to God for allowing me to
use my creative inner self to help me through the good, the bad, and the
that-again! chapters of my
Inkspired has lived in many different places, and done quite a bit of traveling
around the United States.  From the Deep South, to the Midwest, to the Rocky
Mountains, to the desert, and both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, each new
place has added to and complimented her creative knowledge.  Time spent in
Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, British Virgin Isles, and the
Bahamas have enriched her love of other cultures and their unique
expressions of creativity.  Personal relationships from other cultures such as
Polish, South Korean, Japanese and German continue an on-going love of
learning from other traditions and arts.  She hopes to add to this treasure
trove in 2009 with a trip to Ireland, Scotland and The British Isles (following
some family roots, and perhaps a few leprechauns).  
Inkspired says "I hope and desire that you enjoy your trip through my crazy
patchwork quilt of artistic endeavors.  For you to have a piece of my heart
through owning some of my expressions would be a wonderful serendipity for
both of us!"