Hand-painted domino magnets:  $4.00
Hand-painted key chains and ornaments:  $4.00
Hand-painted domino with necklace ribbon: $4.99
Gift box with stamped tissue paper:  .75
A wisp of an angel in mauves and gold, a
trumpeting angel against a blue sky with
pearly wings or a rich plum gown.
How to choose?
Delicate geishas in swirls of
lavender, plum, blue and pink
rimmed with silver or gold.
A sliver koi against a red backdrop.
These Rocky Mountains magnets fit
perfectly into a small padded envelope
to send to loved ones.
Choose from Bighorn Sheep,
Mountain Lion,  Columbines or
Greetings from Colorado.
Buffalo is also available.
Softly chalked backgrounds make
these Statue of Liberty magnets
look regal. Can be rimmed
in silver, gold or copper.
Elegant floral bunch accented with
mauve, blue, pearly white.
Dancing pixies
The reflection on the lower pixies is
causing a haze, but the actual magnet
is bright and vibrant!
Greetings from Colorado
rimmed in silver metallic, with shades of teal,
lavender and pearlescent white.
Strong magnet attached.
Portrait of a Boxer in shades of powder
blue and shimmer gold.
A silly grinned rotty in rich bronze.
Two curious kitties in swirls of copper.
-Personalization available-
Great Danes
Cropped ears
rimmed in either copper or gold
personalization available
"In a heavy oppressive atmosphere,
when the spirits sink too low,
the best cordial is to read over
all the letters of one's friends."
---William Shenstone
A trumpeting angel
announces good news.
She is painted with pearlized
gold, white and eggplant,
then sprinkled with glitter.
Strong magnet attached.
Baby Blue Bear ornament swinging
on the moon, painted in shades of
gold and blue pearlescent inks with
a shimmery blue ribbon.
- Personalization available -
Greetings from Colorado key chain
rimmed in silver metallic ink.
Painted in shades of teal, lavender and
pearlescent white.
Many more styles, shades and sets are available.  
Photos really do not do them justice. They are durable
and gorgeous!
New photos and thumbnails added!
PayPal available through
Resting Tiger
painted with coppers & golds, this
resting tiger is so peaceful.
Strong magnet attached.
Signed by the artist