Treasure Books
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The Mystery Treasure Box, cont.
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The Garden Shed Shrine
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The Garden Shed Shrine is an homage to those of us
who love our gardens, and love gardening.
The front is decorated with a vintage copy homemaker arranging a vase
of flowers. The entire
Shrine is covered with hand painted flora and
Decoupaged throughout are scientific names of plants and herbs,
and little quotes here and there.
Shrine is decorated with silk flowers, butterflies, a birdhouse,
glitter, glitter, glitter!
Inside is a delightful tableaux of tiny gardening staples,
including a little portrait of an angel.
"The future belongs
to those who believe
in the beauty of
their dreams."

---Eleanor Roosevelt
The Mystery Box is a wood box shaped like a book with antiqued
pages. The Binder of the Book hides a
secret drawer.  
The Drawer Pull is a
handmade clay button.
The entire book box is covered with the
front cover graphics from  
well-known mystery authors' current novels.
On top are various "murder methods" permanently adhered to the box.  
You will find a
poison nib pen with a real black plume,
blackened red fabric rose and
a silver-toned
wine bottle next to a silver toned chalice
with spilled red "liquid".  
There is a
hangman's knot rope,  a real dried red rose,
a samurai sword that has a red substance dripping from it's blade,
tiny glass poison bottle with a real cork,
with a skull and crossbones
handpainted on the side.
Oooooh, deliciously wicked!
A one-of-a-kind present for yourself
or that mystery lover in your life: